Consumers Beware: Not All Paid Survey Sites Are Created Equal! Make an Educated Decision Before Spending a Dime!

What’s the deal with Paid Surveys?

Did you know that large marketing firms are willing and ready to is inboxdollars a legitimate company? It is true, there are literally hundreds of companies conducting market research — giving surveys — in order to better accommodate the consumer. Companies in the USA alone spend over $25 Billion per year trying to convince consumers to buy their products and services. It is time for you to get your share of the enormous advertising budget of these companies!

I have personally participated in focus groups in my hometown that paid $80 per hour, so I know that companies are willing to pay consumers for their opinion, online and offline. It is simply of matter of becoming accessible to these companies.

How do I know if a Paid Survey Site is a Scam?

A quick Google search of “paid survey sites” will give you what seems like an endless list of sites claiming to give you access to companies that pay $50 per survey or more. This is an entirely new phenomena.

The internet has become an integral part of our daily life in a way that was unimaginable as little as 15 years ago. With this massive explosion in popularity comes people looking to exploit the internet for their own benefit, and inboxdollars paid survey sites review are a top target for scams.

Now of course, there is nothing wrong with marketing a valuable product or service on the internet. The problem is distinguishing which services are really valuable and which are total crap.

So How Does This Relate to Paid Survey Sites?

In the simplest of terms: a very small minority of paid survey sites offer a truly valuable service, while the rest are cheap imitations designed to take your money. They do this by compiling a database of companies that pay you for taking their surveys.

Here’s the catch…

These databases come from third parties and as such are static and never updated. They become completely worthless very quickly — broken links, companies change ownership or update their site, e-mail changes, etc. Yet the people who use these databases for paid survey sites continue to scam people out of their money. They are able to do this for two reasons: 1) their own shady business practices and 2) a handful of companies never change the way they give surveys.

What makes the paid survey sites listed here so valuable is that the owners update their database of companies daily, adding new companies and discarding old, broken links. Legit paid survey sites want to make you, the customer, as satisfied as possible, and so they make sure to update their database daily and place the most profitable surveys right in front of your eyes. This makes it a 100 times easier for you to make more money.

Why Should I Listen to You?

All of us at have had less than enjoyable experiences with paid survey sites and survey review sites! We discovered that many review sites are owned by the very same people that own the actual paid survey sites! Talk about a conflict of interest! is completely impartial and rates survey sites based on nothing more than the quality of their service. has made it our goal to spread the word about legitimate, paid survey opportunities. Because it is true: The biggest companies in the world are willing to pay a lot of money to understand what interests the average consumer.

Every site that we review undergoes a thorough, 6-step process to ensure they provide the best service possible. All of these sites give you direct access to these large companies as well as new companies being added everyday! Paid Survey sites must meet the strictest of quality standards in order to have a chance of being listed here. If a survey site does not appear in our review, you are advised to avoid it.

Our reviews cover 6 categories:

The Paid Survey sites reviewed here are the best of the best and you are granted to make easy money. (To learn exactly how you can get paid for taking surveys, I recommend checking out the FAQ section of Survey Scout)

After many months and countless hours of researching survey companies, these are the only ones we have found to be completely legit and offer high-quality services. For the sites listed here, it is difficult to rank one survey site ahead of any other since all of these sites offer excellent service. The biggest difference between these sites are in the details, which are listed below. Here is a quick overview of what all these sites have in common and what separates them from 99.9% of all other paid survey sites click here for full descriptions